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The Ultrasonic Neck Massager

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Get rid of your double chin for good!

Using the power of localised ultrasonic waves, we can disrupt and dislodge the lymphatic fat stores built up over the years, this in turn allows the fat stores to drain, improves the elasticity of the skin and allows the neck to “lift” which means? You guessed it, no more double chin!

  • High performance: The chip vibrates at a ultrasonic frequency of up to 7,000 times per minute to activate the collagen in the skin, tightens sagging skin, reduces lymphatic fat and shrinks pores. 

  • Moisturises the skin: The ultrasonic massager stimulates the neck muscles, delays skin ageing and removes neck wrinkles. This technology can also be used for other parts of your face such as smile lines and the wrinkles around your eyes.


  • Three Modes: The ultrasonic neck massager allows you to switch the massage mode in accord with your needs, lightens the skin tone, reduces dullness in the skin, improves the texture of the skin and promotes skin elasticity, leading to a re-tightening effect. 

  • Tri-color light mode: The ultrasonic neck massager promotes blood circulation which helps to restore cell viability, adjusts and lifts facial skin, and combats double chins and smile lines asif there was magic involved. 

  • Enhances Skin Absorption: Enhances skin care product absorption through ion induction and ultrasonic massage. Fights wrinkles and lymphatic fat stores to remove even the most stubborn double chins, laugh lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

What's Included

4, 8, or 12 x Glow Balls

1 x Box

1 x User Manual


• Material: Food-grade TPR

• Glow in the dark

• Not sold in retail stores

• Delivery time: 7-21 days